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Walk a Mile Moray

Challenging stigma.
One conversation at a time.

Join SAMH, See Me and ‘Walk a Mile in someone else’s shoes’ to challenge mental health stigma. Our aim is to bring together professionals, carers and people with lived experience for a friendly conversation about mental health as they walk around Cooper Park, Elgin in pairs.

People will get the chance to see each other as they really are and not as the labels they may have.

Inspired by Chris Young’s walk around the edge of the UK, Walk a Mile is a series of events organised by See Me, Walk a Mile, and our partners to highlight the experiences of people with mental health problems.

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Will you join us for just one mile?

Join SAMH and See and other likeminded people to break down barriers, challenge mental health stigma and discrimination.

We’re meeting at 12:00 pm at Elgin Library, Cooper Park Elgin Library, Cooper Park

After walking for a mile, if you want you can share your experience with other Walkamilers on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #letswalkamile

The walk will start at 12:30 pm.

If you have any queries regarding the event or need any more information, please email

There will be no uniforms, no barriers, everyone is on a level playing field; it’s about breaking down stigma and rediscovering how fabulous people are.

Chris Young

Who is chris?

Chris Young is an ex social worker who has a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). On April 6th 2011, he began a tour of the UK with the aim to walk the entire way around our lovely island on foot, relying solely on the kindness of other people for food, water, shelter and compassion. His walk has been hugely successful in achieving his goal of encouraging open, honest conversation and reducing the stigma of mental ill health ‘one conversation at a time’.
Chris has walked thousands of miles with the belief that we can end stigma together.

Portrait of Chris

Chris Young

Explorer and raconteur